Christchurch Around the Country

2:00 PM

Craft beer means all different things to all sorts of people. Find out how Christchurch performs on a national stage with Dave from Eagle Brewing.


Pomeroy's Craft Beer Academy has some thought provoking and glass raising seminars this year. Check out the interesting people and topics below.
  • The Juggling Act
    12:00 PM

    Beer Baroness & Southpaw

    Being the Head Brewer of Beer Baroness and of growing new brand Southpaw, Cameron Burgess knows all about the challenges (and rewards) of contract brewing. Come hear him talk about his very own juggling act.

  • Beer & Fruit
    1:00 PM

    Brew Moon

    Wander down a fruity path with Belinda from Brew Moon and hear about the sorts of styles and fruits that are creating a unique relationship between beer and fruit. 

  • Christchurch Around the Country
    2:00 PM

    Eagle Brewing

    Craft beer means all different things to all sorts of people. Find out how Christchurch performs on a national stage with Dave from Eagle Brewing.

  • Grain to Glass
    3:00 PM

    Gladfield Malt

    For five generations, the Michael family have been growing malt barley in Canterbury. Doug and Gabi Michael now steer this ship and these guys definitely know a thing or two about getting the grain to the glass. 

  • Defining Canterbury
    4:00 PM

    Punky Brewster

    Join Rach & Will from Punky Brewster as they talk about the trends, styles and other elements that make Canterbury unique in the beer world. 

  • Wonderful Wigram
    5:00 PM

    Wigram Brewing

    Head along to hear about the evolution of craft beer in Christchurch from one of the cities longest-standing brands, Wigram Brewing. 

SOBA Brewers Table

Once again the Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) invites you to ‘The Brewer’s Table’ – an opportunity for you to expand your mind about craft beer.

Every hour, on the hour, from midday to 5pm, people involved in the craft beer movement will be on hand to talk about craft beer related topics. Sessions will commence with a short presentation, after which there’ll be an opportunity for you to ask any questions. And you never know; in the past brewers have been known to bring along something special for sampling!

SOBA also invites you to head along to their marquee at any time to find out about more about who they are and what they do, or just to chat with fellow beer lovers. They can even sign you up on the day if you’d like to join them.

  • Garth Peterson
    12:00 PM


    Certified beer judge, certified beer server and graduate of the Siebel Institue of Technology brewing school, Garth moved to Christchurch from the bright lights of Chicago.

    Unable to find a place to purchase great craft beers in his new home city, Garth decided to solve his own problem and that's The Beer Library came to be.

  • Hamish Jones
    1:00 PM


    The musings of someone who accidentally ended up owning a brewery, who doesn't really want to do things the easy way; by juggling two brands that are both brewing some interestingly different styles.

    You will probably hear some ramblings about how medals and awards look nice and seem to find their way to him by accident... and of course there'll be some tastings!

  • Mark White
    2:00 PM


    Mark will reflect on how the industry looked 26 years ago, how it has changed and consolidating their sites after a quarter of a century in the business! 

    He will also cover the importance of quality - investment into equipment, being HACCAP approved and doing a product recall.

    And let's not forget the beer! Mark's session will include a little mention of a couple of local favourites - Rogue Hop and Ngahere Gold.

  • Lee-Ann Scotti & Michael O'Brien
    3:00 PM


    They brew in a stone basement in Oamaru, at a 100 litres per brew day, essential commerical home brewers.

    Craftwork began in 2014, and much has happened since... come and hear their story.

  • Martin Bennett
    4:00 PM


    Professor Dodsworth explains where he's come from, what's happening now at The Lab and where it's going next.

    Hopefully joined by a mystery guest from his distant past...

  • Paul & Laura Finney
    5:00 PM


    Finney is from Emporium Brewing in Kaikoura. Come and hear how the town is recovering and find out a bit about his history of brewing with some odd ingredients which have ranged from beetroot to KFC!