Supplier Portals

Site Safety Policies

Click the link below to view & download the full event Health & Safety Plan for the Great Kiwi Beer Festival – Christchurch 2020.

Supplier Documentation Upload

All event suppliers are required to provide details of their crew, site contacts and the tasks they intend to undertake while working at the SIWFF event worksite. The link below will direct you to a small webform and upload link. You will be asked to provide;

  • Company Information
  • Site Contact Information
  • Site Specific Safety Policies (SSSP)
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and/or Task Analysis (TA)
  • any other relevant documentation.

The information requested is mandatory, and due back to us by 12pm on Thursday 14 November.

WARNING: Underground Services

Take Notice!

Hagley Park contains high voltage underground power cables, and high pressure underground irrigation pipes that are susceptible to damage when conducting works that puncture the park surface. Please ensure you observe a minimum 1m distance either side of any white surface marking when completing works that insert pegs, warratahs or any other materials into the park surface.

WARNING: Tree driplines

Take Notice!

Hagley Park contains trees which are extremely vulnerable to damage by parked and moving vehicles within 1m of the drip line. Please observe parking restrictions at all times.

2019 Event Production Map

Risk Assessment Matrix

A comprehensive list of risks at the 2019 SIWFF, including mitigation strategies and impact analyses.

Incident Response Policies

Details on the event’s response strategy for a wide range of potential incidents are included in the Incident Response Policies for this event. A copy is available by clicking the button below.

Incident & Near Miss Reporting

Incident and near miss reporting is an essential part of ensuring we continue to provide a workplace that is safe & healthy so that all of our event participants return home at the end of the work day.

Please provide as much detail wherever requested.


All persons completing works at the Great Kiwi Beer Festival 2020 (CHC) are required to complete an online induction.



Crew who completed an induction at the South Island WIne & Food Festival do not need to complete a full induction, but DO need to complete an update specific to this event and venue. The refresher link is provided below.


To expedite this process, you are now able to complete inductions before arriving to site. A digital receipt will be sent to your email address and this MUST be shown to gate staff on arrival. Failure to present a digital receipt will require a new induction to be completed.


  1. Complete the online induction by clicking the button below.
  2. Check that a digital receipt has been delivered to your email inbox
  3. Present the digital receipt to our gate staff
  4. Sign in to the site with gate staff
  5. Commence works

When you leave at the end of your work day, please make sure you notify gate staff so you can be signed out. You do not need to sign out if you intend to return later in the same day.