The last event was a real beerstravaganza, and with more craft beers on the market than ever,
this years installment will be outta this world. 




There will be an amazing selection of breweries at this years festival - including all your old favourites along with new craft beers to wrap your taste buds around. With such a huge range of beer styles available its sure to be an enlightening experience.



Pomeroy's Craft Beer Academy has some thought provoking and glass raising seminars this year. Check out the interesting people and topics below.

SOBA Brewers Table

Once again the Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) invites you to ‘The Brewer’s Table’ – an opportunity for you to expand your mind about craft beer.

Every hour, on the hour, from midday to 4pm, people involved in the craft beer movement will be on hand to talk about craft beer related topics. Sessions will commence with a short presentation, after which there’ll be an opportunity for you to ask any questions. And you never know; in the past brewers have been known to bring along something special for sampling!

SOBA also invites you to head along to their marquee at any time to find out about more about who they are and what they do, or just to chat with fellow beer lovers. They can even sign you up on the day if you’d like to join them.

  • Professor Greg Ryan
    12:00 PM


    Greg Ryan is a historian at Lincoln University. Join Greg as he meanders through the history of beer, looking at the conditions that created weak, flat beer in NZ for much of the 20th century, alongside the reasons behind early closing of pubs up to 1967 and more importantly the decision in both world wars to legislate the beer strength down, which helped the big breweries and stuffed most of the smaller ones.

  • Craig Bowen
    1:00 PM


    Join Craig Bowen from BEER NZ for a Q&A session on beer distribution, beer awards and anything else that bubbles up.

  • Tim Quinliven & Peter Finlayson
    2:00 PM


    Tim Quinliven (Beer Systems) and Peter Finlayson (Applied Beverages) present an insiders guide on how to clean and fit beer tap lines to achieve perfect delivery and optimum taste. 

  • Garth Peterson
    3:00 PM


    Garth Peterson from the Beer Library has a degree in brewing and a long history as a beer judge and home brewer. Don’t miss Garth’s session on imported and local beers.

  • Geoff Griggs
    4:00 PM


    Geoff Griggs is one of New Zealand’s foremost beer educators and writers. Join Geoff for a behind the scenes look at the beer industry in NZ – how it has changed and a look to the future. 


The Great Kiwi Beer Festival presents another amazing lineup of NZ’s favourite musicians.
The Jordan Luck Band - playing all of the Exponents greatest hits, alongside Jon Toogood, The Phoenix Foundation and Hollie Smith will provide the beats to go with your brews.
  • The Jordan Luck Band

    'Legend' is a word suffering from chronic overuse syndrome these days but when it comes to Jordan Luck, the word regains it's true meaning and one the NZ public associates with this true blue Kiwi artist. The band play the best of all those iconic Exponents tracks we know and love along with a collection of new ones. 

  • Jon Toogood

    As frontman of Shihad for over 25 years and the man behind the collaborative effort The Adults, Jon Toogood has more New Zealand radio hits than any other NZ artist in NZ history. He was inducted into the RIANZ NZ Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2010 with a lifetime acheivement award - the youngest inductee so far.

  • The Phoenix Foundation

    The Phoenix Foundation is a six-piece band from Wellington New Zealand, who have now made six albums of intelligent, inventive, richly detailed pop music from a whole range of diverse influences with an almost filmic approach to musical soundscapes.

  • Hollie Smith

    Hollie Smith is one of New Zealand's most predominant & celebrated musicians. After working with numerous bands including Trinity Roots & Fat Freddy’s Drop, she was asked by Don McGlashan to perform on a movie soundtrack single ‘Bathe in The River’ that became one of the most iconic singles in NZ history.

  • Amiria Grenell

    New Zealand new folk luminary Amiria Grenell recently released her stunning third album ‘Autumn' the follow up to her Tui Award winning second album ‘Three Feathers’. She's spent the past 10yrs performing extensively around NZ, a regular at arts festivals, and as a member of the Fly My Pretties cast. 


The Art of Live Fire Cooking
Our cooking feature returns with a fresh new look for 2016! All our chefs are cooking on a wood-fired charcoal grill, and they will showcase variety of cooking techniques from baking to smoking and more.
  • Gary Miller
    12:30 PM


    Gary Miller is one of Christchurch’s best loved chefs. Proprietor of the renown Willows Café, Gary is the master of café style food and baked treats. Join him today as he shows you how to create yummy baked morsels on the grill.           

  • Alison Lambert
    2:30 PM


    Alison Lambert is a chef with over 20 years experience and currently Market Chef at the Otago Farmers Market, she lives by the seasons and loves local produce. Join Alison for organic kale and chilli crisps, lamb and cracked wheat dumplings, pickled market vegetables and quick pickled onions with cheese.

  • Steve Bradley
    2:30 PM


    Steve Bradley has a wealth of knowledge in both hot and cold smoking all manner of foods, which he serves regularly in his acclaimed Akaroa Cooking School restaurant. He will demonstrate the art of hot smoking a variety of foods, also explaining the more intricate cold smoking techniques.

  • Evan Kiddey
    3:30 PM


    Burger culture... It’s massive both in NZ and world-wide. Learn some of the secrets to a kick-ass burger from the consummate burger-master, Heisenburger aka Evan Kiddey. Take some quality ingredients – add smoke, heat, and fire and wait for the magic to happen! It’s heaven in a handful. And it’s addictive as hell.

  • Jonny Schwass
    4:30 PM


    Join local hero Jonny Schwass as he travels back in history to examine the magic combination of meat, fire and salt. Cooking over live fire, Jonny will explore time-honoured techniques of cooking and curing meat – this seminar promises to be a carnivore’s delight!

Simply Scrumptious

We have assembled an amazing line up of Christchurch and Canterbury's favourite restaurants. Be prepared for a gastronomic adventure as you sample divine dishes prepared with the best local and regional produce. Each of these restaurants will be serving a selection of their best dishes as tasting plates at the festival.

  • The Cuban
    The Cuban

    Qué volá contigo Christchurch!

    The Cuban is a gorgeous piece of Havana, right in the centre of the city!

    Sample their exquisite Cuban street food bbq at the festival!

    Serving up the Cuban BBQ Plate $12

    Cuban sausage, treacle and coffee glazed beef rump, parmesan, lime and jalapeno corn, spiced chicken wing and mojito salad


  • Corianders

    Serving the best North Indian cuisine across Canterbury for the past 10 years, Corianders brings their famous Butter Chicken, Onion Bhaji and Vegetable Samosa to the festival for the first time.

    Butter Chicken - $12
    Served with Rice

    Onion Bhaji - $2 / pc

    Vegetable Samosa - $2.5 / pc

  • Monkey Spices
    Monkey Spices

    Authentic Italian cuisine with an Oriental twist! Renown for their gas fired pizza and fresh pasta dishes. Bringing their superb hospitality from Rolleston to the festival today – head to Monkey Spices to sample fusion dishes laden with flavour.

    Skewered yakitori chicken - $12
    With creamy basil sauce, served on Asianslaw

    Skewered marinated beef - $14
    With béarnaise sauce, served with potatoes

  • Lower 9th Diner
    Lower 9th Diner

    Tucked down the end of Stranges Lane, like the naughty child in the corner, Lower 9th Diner unashamedly proclaims to have some of the best burgers around town. But why don’t you be the judge!

    Fried Chicken - $10
    Cheeseburger - $8
    Fries - $6
    Dr Pepper - $5
    Root Beer - $5 
  • Tequila Mockingbird
    Tequila Mockingbird

    Tequila Mockingbird is a fresh, contemporary, Latin-fusion bar and restaurant blending cuisine from the Caribbean and South America. Award winning chef Mark Sycamore and his team have recreated the taste of Latin America for you at the festival.

    Grilled salmon & prawn skewers - $10
    With chipotle mayonnaise
    and soft tortilla and salad

    Hand crafted crispy lamb and olive empanada - $10
    With coriander mayo and salad

  • Teppanyaki Takao
    Teppanyaki Takao

    Teppanyaki Takao have been operating in Kaiapoi since 2005 and are the first and only Teppanyaki Restaurant in Kaiapoi. With two branches, their friendly staff and  exquisite Japanese cuisine are regional favourites. Visit them at the festival today to see why.

    Pork Spare Ribs - $10.00

    Squid Kebab - $5.00

    Seafood Chowder - $5.00


What better way to complement the best beers around, than to have a huge array of tasty treats and goodies to pair them with. The delicious foods available will further lift the senses and more importantly fill your tums, and with over 30 venders participating, there should be something there to satisfy!


F1       Smoked Marlborough

BBQ’ed Manuka Smoked bacon and avocado rolls served with rocket. Classic and delectable!


F2       Karma Cola

It’s the real, ‘real thing’, a cola made with Fair-trade, organic ingredients including the cola nut from West Africa. For every bottle sold a village in Sierra Leone earns a bit more to rebuild their lives. Karma’s organic cousins, Gingerella and Lemmy Lemonade will be standing by to quench thirst.


F3       Horse Shack Food Co.

Horse Shack Food Co is your go to destination for flavoursome slow cooked meats and tasty side dishes! Manuka smoked pork shoulder, five hour pulled lamb shoulder, smoked baby capsicums stuffed with cream cheese, Moroccan style hash cake, home made smoky relish and yoghurt.


F4       Kung Fu Dumplings

Authentic Kathmandu momo dumplings with a hit of Kapow!


F5       Liam’s Hungarian Langos

Hungarian style fried bread served with a variety of delicious toppings! Garlic and sea-salt, walnut and watercress pesto, jalapeno and four herb harissa, feta and tomato herb salad. Liam’s Langos takes the hungry out of Hungarian!


F6       Flavours of Europe

Yummy potato cake laden with honey cured Manuka smoked bacon, cheese, sour cream and a cheeky dash of sweet chilli sauce. Gluten, dairy and vegetarian options available.


F7       The Whitebait People

West Coast Whitebait 3-ways! Pan-fried, omelettes and fritters. Also serving paua patties, scallop rolls and salmon rolls. Head to The Whitebait People for some true Kiwi classics!


F8       Mamacita’s

Mamacita's is the quirky, colourful taco truck serving the best Mexican street food in town.  Fresh, local produce, free-range meats and authentic Mexican flavours all at amazing prices.


F9       Burger Revolution

Burger Revolution is the home of gourmet burgers, fries and fantastic coffee!!


F10     Pita Pit

The Original Pita! Catering to a wide range of dietary requirements and offering an extensive selection of meats, salads and condiments, Pita Pit brings you fast, healthy food that you can really sink your teeth into! Gluten free options available.


F11     Duskies

Duskies pride themselves on providing stylish and comfortable eco-eyewear, handcrafted from sustainable materials. Inspired by nature, Duskies’ combine traditional craftsmanship with exceptional design. Due to the nature of wood, every pair of Duskies is a unique work of art made to last.


F12     Electric Pukeko Hats

Check out the fabulous New Zealand designed headwear from Electric Pukeko. They’ve got a wide range of shape and styles inspired by trends from across the globe from ladies summer hats to men’s trilbys and panamas.


F13     Kiwi Coffee

If you need a little mid-festival pick me up, head on over to see Gary and the team for a refreshing range of coffees and hot drinks!


F14     The Dukes of Sandwich

Finger lickin’, mouth poppin’ fresh organic hot ciabatta sandwiches! Using the freshes and most flavoursome local and organic produce – The Dukes of Sandwich have got something new for you this year!


F15     Kai Pod

Check out Kai Pod’s unique Poly-fusion menu…. Modern food, with a little Polynesian added for some extra special flavours!  Check out their delicious house-made sauces and aioli, blended with Maori bush herbs. Kai Pod is ka pai!


F16     Fritzs Wieners

Fritzs Wieners are New Zealand’s favourite award wining German-style bratwurst. Their bratwurst are served in a fresh baguette with onions, saurkraut and a range of condiments. A bratwurst to complement your beer or a beer to complement your bratwurst? Either way its a winning recipe for a great day!


F17     Cambodia Food

For fragrantly delicious Cambodian flavours, look no further than Cambodia Food! Serving an array of Cambodian favourites including chicken satay, peanut sauce, chicken cashew nut, sweet & sour pork, roast pork on fried noodles, vegetarian fried rice and Khmer fresh spring rolls.


F18     Chiang Mai Thai Food

See Chiang Mai Thai Food for your taste of Thailand. Chiang Mai specialise in tasty Thai Food including chicken satay, pad Thai, sweet & sour dishes, curry puffs, lemon chicken, spicy Thai sausages, Thai pate and mini spring rolls and samosas.


F19     Sherpa Kai

Sherpa Kai presents unique dishes, which are a fusion of Nepalese influences and world cuisines. Bursting with international flavours, head to Sherpa Kai for food prepared with the best seasonal produce. Vegetarian options available too.


F20     Glasseye Creek

Their NZ famous Long Dogs are a 12 inch long award winning Pork, Apple and Sage sausage, battered, cooked and served with Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce


F21     Arjee Bhajee

Indian with Attitude! Arjee Bhajee does things differently! A delectable range of curries – all gluten free, with no added sugars or colours. Plus Naan breads (plain or garlic) and gluten free bhajees and chicken pakora.


F22     Hell Pizza

The best damned pizza in this life or the next!


F23     The Food Den

Serving a wide selection of snacks and meals including crayfish sandwiches, whitebait sandwiches, hot chips, hot dogs and American hot dogs, bacon butties, burgers, slushies, hot and cold drinks, candy floss and popcorn. Gluten-Free available on full menu.


F24     Mediterranean Souvlaki

Souvlaki kebabs cooked fresh in front of you and stuffed with beef, chicken, lamb or felafal, served with salads and condiments.


F25     Scoff & Quaff Tours

Christchurch’s premier craft beer and food tours. Scoff & Quaff Tours bring you all-inclusive craft beer tours in Christchurch - taking in craft breweries, pubs and showcasing local artisan food. They’re the only beer tour company in the region offering a driving tour to Christchurch’s best breweries and brewpubs.


F26     Kiwi Churros

Kiwi Churros have brought the great tasting Spanish donut or Churros to New Zealand. This sweet treat is insanely popular around the world!


F27     Locos Texmex

Locos Texmex serve up fully flavoursome American Mexican food. Check out their burritos, tacos, nachos and chilli dogs plus a large selection of Kiwi made hot sauces.


F28     Hot Food Hotrod

The Hot Food Hotrod is your high octane destination for Angus beef burgers, hot dogs, hot chips, bacon butties cold drinks


F29     ADT Alcosense

ADT is New Zealand’s largest supplier of alcohol breathalysers and the exclusive distributor of the Alcosense range. Supplying to industry and hospitality sectors nationally with fully compliant, accurate and reliable testing options. Showing some of their most popular personal breath testers, ADT Alcosense encourage you to come and get to know your limit, because it’s just not worth the risk!




Immerse yourself in the Brand Experience Areas to get up close and personal with your favourite brands. Sample a wide range of beers and ciders or treat your palate to a unique craft wine.

  • Monteiths Garden Bar

    The Monteith's Brewing Co dates back to 1868 when it was founded on the West Coast by Stewart Monteith. These day Monteith's is New Zealand's leading everyday craft brewery - Visit Monteith's Brewing Co and explore their range of beers and ciders including their new Pointer's Pale Ale and the Brewer's Series Red IPA.

  • Lion Beer & Cider Garden

    The Lion Beer & Cider Garden returns with a great range across three separate bars. Head over to enjoy Mac’s, Little Creatures and a range of ciders at their new Cider Bar.

  • Allan Scott Family Winemakers

    Allan Scott is a true pioneer and a name synonymous with New Zealand’s acclaimed Marlborough wine region. Offering a reprieve to those looking for an alternative to beer at the festival, Allan Scott returns to offer a range of aromatic and sparkling wines along with their new brand of craft wines.

  • Boundary Road Brewery

    Boundary Road Brewery, nestled in the foothills of the Hunua Ranges in Auckland, will showcase a variety of beers from their range of craft beers along with a couple of new additions never tasted before!


  • Sangria Square

    Sangria Square returns to bring the flavours of Spain to Hagley Park.  Presented by the talented team from Eaton Drink Co. to deliver you the best of both Spanish cuisine, Prawn & chorizo sticks, pulled beef tacos and ceviche, and of course Sangrias'.


Your entry to the biggest beer event in the south island, so hop to it!

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Heres your one stop spot to find out all you need to know about the festival.


ENTRY IS FROM 11.30am 2nd April 2016     

BRING YOUR TICKETS & ID - Remember this a family festival but you must be 18+ to drink alcohol. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult... Kids under 12 are free!

BRING CASH - We do have EFTPOS machines on site however cash will make your life much easier.   

COME PREPARED -  sunblock, hat and sunnies if it looks to be fine day, and drink responsibly.

PLEASE LEAVE FOOD & DRINK AT HOME - Our amazing selection of breweries and food vendors have everything you could possibly want, from beer and cider (of course), to wine, soft drinks, coffee and all sorts of delicious meals and snacks.

ARRANGE TRANSPORT - There is no public car parking for this event in Hagley Park. Please come by bus, bike, on foot or get dropped off. There is some (time restricted) street parking near-by, or use one of the many public car parks in the vicinity.



This years event is to be held in Christchurch's Hagley Park, with the best entrance to the festival being via Park Terrace/Rolleston Avenue

GETTING TO THE FESTIVAL SITE - We encourage using public transport - there is no car parking available for this event in Hagley Park

LEAVING THE FESTIVAL - Please be respectful of the neighbours when you leave the park






We welcome any enquiries in regard to the festival including going to it or being part of it.





We are overjoyed to have such supportive sponsors for this festival, its says a lot for the good old kiwi spirit. You know events like this don't happen without people like them, so cheers!

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